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Projects under development

Housing estate projects under development

  • Bascharage: Allotment "Bechelt" Phase 5

  • Beringen: Allotment "Wenzel Phase 2 & 3"

  • Bettembourg: Allotment

  • Colmar-Berg: Allotment "An den Hiwelen"

  • Eppeldorf: Allotment

  • Grevenmacher: Allotment "Pietert"

  • Kehlen: Allotment "Beichel 2"

  • Kockelscheuer: Free ground of 4 sides

  • Mamer: Allotment "Weltgebond"

  • Moesdorf-Mersch: Allotment

  • Mondercange: Allotment "Hanner Thielen"

  • Mondorf-les-bains: Allotment "Hinter der Kirch"

  • Luxembourg-Belair: Allotment "Les Arquebusiers"

  • Luxembourg-Kohlenberg: Allotment "Rue Verte"

  • Reckange-Mersch: Allotment "Viischt Gewann 2"

Residences projects under development

  • Heisdorf

  • Kehlen: Residence "Kechia"

  • Mamer: Residence "Marema"

  • Mamer: Residence "Melania"

  • Luxembourg-Belair "Simmer"

  • Luxembourg-Belair "Schéiss"

  • Luxembourg-Kohlenberg

  • Strassen: Residence "Sam"

  • Steinsel

  • ...

As long as the projects are not authorized we do not communicate details.

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